A free course for the woman who wants to catapult her confidence in firearms and defensive tactics as

she develops unshakable command presence.

***The skills provided in this training are benefical for all officers.

***All officers could benefit from adding more tools to their toolbox for the job.

Autumn coaches Female First Responders which is why this course is designed specifically for women.

Meet Your Instructors:

Andrew Keith

USPSA Masterclass Shooter



Autumn Clifford

Personal Development Coach


Ashley (Smashley) Cummins

Pro MMA Fighter

Brown Belt


What You Will Learn In This Course:

  • How to draw your firearm fast and proficiently
  • The Tactical "get up"- how to get up without ever giving someone your back
  • How to develop the confident mindset needed to THRIVE in this job instead of just surviving it!

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